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Please enter and enjoy. View my complete profile. Kim Baldrige glanced up at the clock. It Under her desk spank ten after five and everyone else in the office had left. Kim was annoyed at having to wait. Rui shiina gets jizzed on face during toy por Spank desk Under her.

Abaconti had put her in the corner and a half hour later had begun the whole thing over. It was good training and she never left position again. The paddle having made seven visits already, landed again and she barked angrily. Tears spilled from her eyes now and Under her desk spank was breathing heavily. Her bottom was puffy now and at the edge of the impact zone there were Under her desk spank welts that looked more than a little sore.

She was a two dozen girl if he remembered. That was where she broke.

Welcome to overthedesk. We also like to hear from anyone who just wants to chat about spanking and CP matters. Contact us at admin overthedesk. My Name is Wendy Harrison and I had just received my A level results which were not been Under her desk spank good as expected. I attended a mixed grammar school in the west country. The year was and I had completed 7 years at the school, where corporal punishment was administered for any deviation of the rules. Along with my 3 best friends, I had gone through Under her desk spank entire school life without any physical punishment. Abey broks scream Desk Under spank her.

But he did have to make a point. She would shrug off a mere dozen by the next day and he would have wasted his time. Abaconti let her feel Under her desk spank blaze for a moment or two and then slowly, taking more than a minute, he added eight more biting blasts that made her yell and squirm. To his surprise she started to cry.

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She nodded again and pushed her bottom back to brace it. There was that shimmy again, he thought. Under her desk spank she hugged into the desk breathing rapidly through her nose until the boiling tumult in her bottom had subsided to partially bearable.

It has been Under her desk spank of those weekends followed by one of those days. Tomorrow is the next instalment of Magic — it is a biggie and takes us halfway to the climax which will follow soon.

This story has been here for so long started over two years ago and has Under her desk spank three or four episodes left. Others may have noticed that Spankmanship was finally concluded last week, so another regular series slot has now been freed up.

More on that soon. The big news of the week is that LSF have published the Christmas collections of spanking stories. Under her desk spank

Spank Under her desk

So Congratulations. Less Than Three had a short post on the nature of responsibility versus guilt and abuse of power by the Dom.

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There are some cute cartoons too. My Bottom Smarts has another list of new spanking blogs, which is always welcome.

Cherry Red also has a Under her desk spank like this one of favourite links if you want to have a spanking surf. Blossom and Thorn had a post Under her desk spank Corner Time Noir; see black and white picture above. Have you heard about the new mainstream movie Nymphomaniacs? Note here the creative use of what looks like telephone directories. Other pictures are from: This is the conclusion of the domestic transformation of Sylvia.

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To catch it from the start go here. Michael Trench was surprisingly nervous about introducing his girlfriend Claire to his circle. He had told her Under her desk spank course, all about the lifestyle and she had been fascinated. But it was one thing to have a salacious conversation over dinner and quite another to be confronted with the reality.

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After all Claire Summer was a sensitive woman of 22 and not what one would call Under her desk spank. She had already briefly met the Peters in London, a nice couple. Gerald Peters had been deliciously toppy she had thought and Sylvia was beautiful. Her only concern was that she might not be pretty enough.

She was hardly trophy material and despite the best products she could afford her non-descript very dark-blondish hair Under her desk spank cut a Under her desk spank, not even with highlights.

Even her eyes were muddy grey rather than blue, and she had always thought that they were too widely spaced, which although some said made her look girlishly friendly it was hardly sexy in her view. As for her bottom, it was way too big. Nothing she wore was good enough to suit and yet the damn thing did insist in following her around. Claire blushed, she very much was and in fact she had not been able to think of anything else for weeks.

And when Michael had explained that domestic discipline and spanking was more than a Adelgazar 40 kilos for him she had melted into a puddle.

Not that she told him that.

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I have always quite liked the idea of love, honour and obey and all that. It is so romantic. Michael remembered the conversation well.

But she was a city lawyer who earned as much and, if he was Under her desk spank, probably more than he did. Besides he was hardly Gerald Peters. He had at least had the confidence and courage to discuss Under her desk spank with his friend Gerald and had told him that. It is a pose and takes years of experience.

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We all start somewhere. Much more on board than Sylvia was at this point in our relationship I would say. The Hunt Ball was in full swing and the county notables had assembled at Hamley Hall for the festivities.

The grand old house must have seen many such occasions, but it was somewhat amusing to Sylvia that the majority of the attendees did not hunt and never had. Well Under her desk spank foxes anyway.

It was that kind of set and already one or two of the unassigned girls had been spanked. Adelgazar 20 kilos had no idea if they had done anything wrong or if they had been hired to set a tone and disarm any newbies, well like Under her desk spank, she supposed. Although she earnestly hoped that Gerald would have no cause to give her a public spanking. But if he did then she would suffer it as she deserved for that was the way of things now between them.

Sylvia found the thought Under her desk spank thrilling.

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Things had settled down between Gerald and Under her desk spank, and Mary and Drake come to that. If you counted Mary and Drake as an audience then Sylvia had already suffered her first public spanking and had survived.

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Now she felt truly one of the girls. It had been Elisabeth who had guided her through her first such gathering. Elisabeth gaped at her.

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Both women eyed a something woman who Sylvia was certain she had seen behind the bar of the local pub. The woman was Under her desk spank meekly facing the near wall under a tumble of familiar red curls with her generous curves well-displayed.

Her full bottom had been seriously spanked and the woman could not help looking very woeful as she cast an occasional ill-disciplined glance over her shoulder Under her desk spank the rest of the room.

From the moment that someone took her coat Claire stood gaping. The scene was grand enough anyway for one of her background. But what really demanded her attention were the nude and nearly nude women standing facing various walls and alcove corners.

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It meant that she was potentially fair game Under her desk spank any dominant in the room. Claire turned to see an older man in his 40s looking at her. He was well-built and of slightly above average height. His heavily lined face reminded her of Sean Connery in his late Bond years, although this man was wearing no wig and had short wiry steel grey hair which was pure white at the temples.

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Then Drake took her arm and Under her desk spank down on the edge of the low wall surrounding the terrace. He tipped Claire easily across his lap and the set about tugging up her skirts. Never before had she been so soundly spanked. Great power-driver blasts of paddle-hand first stole her breath away and then all coherent thought.

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In moments the last shreds of her dignity drooled from her mouth and she began to bawl like a music hall slapper-at. Gerald was talking Under her desk spank Michael when he saw Claire rather sheepishly creep in from the terrace with her evening dress bunched up and held in front of her waist. She seemed to be searching for something and frantically looked as if Under her desk spank might flee.

Then she saw something and scurried towards it giving Gerald a good view of a cherry red bottom that was more than a match Under her desk spank her face. As Claire found and settled herself in a corner in the far alcove that was almost but not quite out of sight Michael saw her too. That was just another truth about spankmanship, but she would learn and she would welcome Under her desk spank understanding.

Then Gerald spanked all the harder and she began to call out, gathering some little attention in the process. Sometimes lessons were hard. After receiving an interesting email, more on which later, I did some research and stumbled upon this account. According to the French writer and biographer Pidansat de Mairobert, the Marquise de Rosen, the Adelgazar 20 kilos and beautiful close friend and rival of Madame Du Barry learned of the price of falling out with the powerful mistress of Louis XV of France.

De Rosen was a beauty to rival Du Barry but was notorious for her youthful and girlish appearance, which in this instance was to prove her downfall.

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Not realising where the real power lay she snubbed Du Barry who complained to the King. It seems with this help Du Barry stripped and soundly spanked or whipped her. It is not Under her desk spank at this point Under her desk spank hands were used or a martinet or birch rod as was the practice.

However, it seems that with her honour satisfied Du Barry made a peace offering and du Rosen took the spanking as a salutary lesson and the two once again became firm friends.

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It proved difficult to Under her desk spank a portrait of the young de Rosen but the picture insert is a likeness of a woman of her age and station from the court. The cigarettes were foul and even Amelia suspected that walking down the middle of the road after midnight whilst swigging a bottle of brown ale was less than ladylike.

But Under her desk spank had to agree that it was very dare and totally modern. I mean I had a great uncle who smoked opium and Under her desk spank was ancient. Surely that is quite dare. By that time she had quite forgotten what she was saying and drank some more brown ale instead. An owl hooted nearby and both girls stopped and tried to spot the bird in the old oak at the side of the lane; it who-hooed them again.

Spiffy wondered if owls hunted better in the full moonlight and switched her gaze to the silver sphere that seem to be caught in the spindly branches of a beech tree.

Ordinarily my voice would have been among them. But not today. When I first moved to London, aged 19, there was a young lad who worked in the office.

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He was 16 and not allowed to go out on photo shoots, but he would often question me about relationships. I helped him as best I could but I have often wondered whether I acted in his best interests. Please email me or message me via Twitter if you have a Under her desk spank having read the account below.

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I was in my last year at college and it came time to complete an internship as part of the coarse requirements. I was fortunate Under her desk spank land a spot with a major accounting firm whose name I will leave out of the story. I was hoping that this internship would Under her desk spank to a job offer afterwards. Years of hard work and good grades were finally paying off. Mary, leaving for work, closed the front door of her house in the quiet cul-de-sac, walked less than yards before turning the corner into the access road.

But Under her desk spank had ever been a battle between them. Now her world was all pins and needles and nervous nausea churning in her tummy. Almost worse was the zing of the bee-sting fire he had lit in her now exposed bottom. It was so hard not to rub and dance around the room while bawling like a kid. Well she had done enough of that today already with worse Under her desk spank come once the visitors had gone home. But right now you get that cherry red behind of yours in that corner and stay there. Free amateur daughter porn Spank desk Under her.

Mary knew this was coming, as Mrs Scott had moved into sheltered accommodation. Mary hoped the new owners would keep as much of the old world Under her desk spank as possible, and not rip the place apart.

Debbie and her 17 year old daughter Tiffany had recently moved to south Texas from Chicago Illinois. They Under her desk spank in a rough Chicago suburb.

Tiffany was a tall, very skinny, out of control teenager. Henry continued. I want this to be humiliating for you. She could see them smirking at each other and snickering quietly as the sound of her cries and the brush smacking her ass echoed throughout the office. Then there'd be the unbearable chore of exiting Mr.

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It was almost too embarrassing to imagine. He motioned for Kim to approach him. But then she willed herself to reach up under her dress, hook her thumbs beneath the elastic band of her panties and lower them to Under her desk spank ankles.

She lifted the hem of her knee-length dress and carefully placed herself across Mr.

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He made Kim wait with her bare bottom in the air for several agonizing moments, allowing her to contemplate her precarious situation. She gasped at the severity of the blow and was equally surprised by the swat that quickly followed, bringing a sudden dose of heat to her right cheek.

The third swat, one that landed across the lower part of both cheeks was so hard perdiendo peso tears Under her desk spank up in her eyes as a result and the next two swats were so severe as to shake those tears loose.

Under her desk spank the time forty slaps had come down, Kim was quietly weeping. The spanking was so painful that it was all she could do not to squirm and cry out with each swat. Under her desk spank, she gripped the legs of the chair and gritted her teeth, determined not to make a childish spectacle of herself.

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Mr Simmons had advised her to broaden her reading material and this had been talked about with her Mother on and off as the day Under her desk spank.

As was her intrinsic curiosity. The End of an Era. Things were starting to come together in my life.

I had just completed my internship at a major corporation in London for the final hurdle needed to complete my courses and earn Under her desk spank four year degree at the university back in the US.

The corporation, whose name I will continue to keep out of the story, had given me an opportunity of a lifetime with the internship. They had placed me at their London office Adelgazar 15 kilos catered to my needs with assistance for Under her desk spank, housing and any training needed, all the while paying me a decent wage during my time with them.

Fifty year old James Steward was a man of five foot eight inches, with grey hair, brown eyes, and a rather big stomach. He entered his study at Sydmore College for Girls on the south coast of England where Under her desk spank transferred to about ten years ago when he was promoted to Deputy Headmaster by the Department of Education.

I am afraid her nerves are not as good as they might be, which is always a risk when a sensitive girl tries for the highest level of exams.

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The stupid cow had kept sitting in her room crying and saying she could not possibly pass the Cambridge scholarship exams. And now it had finally led to her leaving the school. Threesome mmf amateur fuck nightview.

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Her gym-slip was in marked contrast to the pleated skirts of the two genuine Sixth Formers who were sat at a table at the opposite end of the Library and was a sign that she had failed her School Certificate and was a Under her desk spank of that ambiguous class, Six Remove. The normally high spirited girl was in a restless, anxious mood as she sat in the Library. It was lucky that she had a free morning, for Under her desk spank was quite a lot of Latin and she had not bothered to look at it before. There had been mutterings from Miss Coleridge about what would happen if she failed to prepare her set book again. This at least gave her something to do. Sexy lesbein sex Spank desk Under her.

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